5th Annual S.E.E.4VETS Golf Tournament at The Wigwam GC

S.E.E.4VETS welcomes your participation in our Friday, Nov. 16 golf tournament at The Wigwam Golf Course. Check-in is 7:30am and shotgun is 8:30 am.. As players and/or sponsors, you would support and benefit student veteran's pursuit for higher education. 

S.E.E.4VETS is the only non-profit, 501 (c) (3) investing its donations and contributions in the form of scholarships, grants and financial assistance with a special emphasis on programs that provide our great young men and women funding for tutoring and developmental classes in mainly Math and English, usually not covered by their GI Bill benefits.  

S.E.E.4VETS is largely focused on community colleges. Seven (8) out of ten (10) districts are currently receiving Grants from our organization with a high likelihood of two more applying for funds by year-end 2018. In total, we will be serving thirteen (14) community colleges in the great State of Arizona.     

Our organization recently filmed student veterans ( see video below), who took advantage of the S.E.E.4VETS tutoring services. Their testimony concerning the invaluable help they received from the tutors is the central theme of the video. Student veteran, Beno Thomas, who attended GateWay Community College, served 8 years active-duty in the Infantry, and as a Reconnaissance Marine. He fought five combat deployments before separating honorably in 2011. Josh Izaguirre, the other student veteran, served 14 years in the U.S. Navy, and attended Glendale Community College.


As for Registration, please register on this website.  Your personal information will be stored securely and credit card information will be purged after billing.

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